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Evergreen Learning is on a mission to address educational disparities of all ages, but mainly through our free tutoring program for 4th to 8th graders.

Evergreen Learning has a dedicated team of tutors who aim to not only provide, but enrich students.

Our goal is to reduce income inequalities by providing access to quality education to those who may not have had the opportunity otherwise.

Yes, Evergreen Learning’s tutoring program for 4th to 8th graders is free of charge as part of their mission to address educational disparities.

Yes, Evergreen Learning provides free tutoring services specially designed to assist middle school students in selective enrollment preparation, helping them succeed in selective enrollment exams and beyond.

Evergreen Learning Chicago covers a wide range of subjects including Science, Math, and English.

The tutoring sessions by Evergreen Learning Chicago are provided online, making them easy and accessible for kids.

There are over 50 tutors associated with Evergreen Learning.